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Make Money Using other People’s Content In Multiple Ways Using Over 100.000.000+ Pieces Of Media Like Movies, Music, Documentaries, Pod Casts AND MORE!

Getting Content Just Got A Heck Of A Lot Easier.

Did You Know...?

the world is STARVED of great content?

And that there’s millions of pieces of amazing material hidden out there that is FREE and LEGAL to use?

 people are making money RIGHT now?

These people are making money right under your nose without you even realising?

there’s MULTIPLE ways in monetizing content?

Monetizing content isn't difficult!

There are a number of ways that you may have overlooked without realizing it!

That’s right!

We are talking Content Monetization at its finest!

And we are not just talking about little snippets here and there to piece together… I am talking about WHOLE shows, films, podcasts, songs… AND MORE!
You name it… MILLIONS OF THEM! And all this content is just waiting to be plucked out of their hidey-holes and ready to be utilized PROPERLY!
Content is HUGE these days... And people are literally scanning the internet increasingly for it.

And with this in plain sight, smart marketers
are realizing that there’s ways to make money from this opportunity that you too can seize.

Monetization is Key

This is where YOU step in…You are currently sat in a great position – We are at the peak of the media evolution mountain on something that is only going to grow and grow anddddd grow! You’ve everything you need to get going.

Do You have?

A) A computer?

B) An internet connection?

If these simple questions are something you have answered  YES to... Then this is for you, and you are good to go! So now we  have established that you have got the two main things needed for making money online & we have established that we can get you content that spans over thousands of niches & genres….

It is Time To Talk About Monetization – The Real Reason You are Still Reading Right Now (Smart Move!)

Content monetization is the way of getting income by utilizing media online by sharing them either for FREE or PAID in various places.

Many people put them into free arenas like YouTube for advertising revenue and organic growth… Other people create actual TV channels with it and monetize the content that way too! But there are more ways…

From owning content on your own platform that people pay to access... To leading people to products, services and even leads to OTHER companies…

(apply this to any content/niche/genre)

Imagine for a moment that you’ve access right now to a bunch of 1960’s horror movies which very few people have seen…
What would
you do?
Monetize them
of course
You have many ways to do this, but you want to start with one place first to get started...  

Let’s go with YOUTUBE

You Upload The content

To the platform and people begin to find your content organically (obviously you want to share it in places too to help your subscriber base grow!)

they begin watch your films

People like the videos, subscribe and return FOR MORE! You can build revenue with the YouTube partner program;

lead them to tee-spring store

To buy related merchandise and you can even grow social media accounts like groups and pages for people to find out more and engage with others…

earn advertising revenue 

 You have not only begun to earn advertising revenue from the YouTube partner program, but you have also began selling related merchandise AND grown a following.


so, whats next?

Rise and Repeat

You have seen the success of your previous efforts and so you begin to put that same content into other places…
It is time to rinse and repeat the process.

Create ROKU
TV Channel

You then make Roku TV channel
(Yes, it is easily possible, we can 

help you)

Create Amazon
TV Channel

You also make an Amazon Fire TV channel (Yes, this too is possible. We can help you there too!)

Add to Vimeo

You add it to Vimeo. Facebook, Restream and other platforms!

Then what?


What is going to happen when you put content online that has an interest and there’s millions of people wanting to access it ORGANICALLY  

(They are already there and searching for content)? 

You got it!


It is going to GROW. It is no rocket science; it is smart moves. And easy ones at that!
How Do we know?!
Because for YEARS now I have been helping people do this online with their own content on connected television. YouTube and other places are just as easy!

Hi There,

Craig Crawford here and for some time now I have been helping people

Helping People achieve remarkable results by getting free and legal content online from various places over the internet! I am not just talking about generating money…

But generating leads, building social media accounts and even email lists. Enabling people to sell services, products and even advertising revenue! Content can be used in many ways across many niches and in many places…

Like mentioned, there is a heap of places from the well-known YouTube platform even up to Connected Television platforms like Roku & Amazon Fire TV.

Content can vary… From films to documentaries, music to podcasts and more! 

There are countless places where you can access free content to use!
I have taken the time with my team to piece together an abundance of places to get legal & free to use content from around the world!

Allowing people like you to benefit MASSIVELY! Imagine creating channels online where people can watch for free or pay to access sites you have, watch on places like YouTube and Vimeo for advertising revenue…  All whilst being able to generate ad revenue, sell products and services and even generate leads in particular niches you want to step in to!

Now, these places are not hidden... But some are difficult to find and some better than others! There are not always clear explanations of even ways taught on how to monetize this content.

This is where I step in.

Inside the “Get Me My Content” membership platform, I have created a listing of every place we could find, along with a description for better knowledge and even a star rating so that users can vote on which resource is best!

Along with an additional training section included for a better insight on how to monetize and use creative commons and public domain content!

With Content You Can Build
Revenue in Many Places Like:

Content is king as they say, and you will soon have at your fingertips the opportunity to get as much as you like in thousands of niches and genres to help your business succeed.

You have most likely purchased many video tools out there, but what use are they if they are not being used to their full potential!? You can use this content to generate leads, sales, ad revenue starting today!

And the best bit? You can even do this for OTHER businesses too as an agency and sell them the channels once they are up and running – Or offer services to make related channels for them!

Allowing You To
Make Money

Make Money using advertising

Grow Social Media

Grow social media following

Increase Subscribers

Subscribers & email subscribers

Sell Services

Sell Products & Services

Affiliate Marketing

Affilliate Marketing

Channels Sponsors

Have your channels sponsored by companies

Product Placement

Have your channels paid by product placement

Customers served! $ 100 BY THE END OF 2023

Did you know that Connected TV Advertising like on RokuTV & AmazonFire TV it's expected to hit $21 BILLION DOLLARS by the end of this year!

This isn't including the $14.8 BILLION dollars spend on advertising on YouTube or any other platform... It's a GOLDMINE!!!!!!!

We've A Membership Crafted To Help People Just Like You!


Here’s Just some Types Of Content That You Can Access & Remember, There’s MILLIONS!

We are not just talking about things that have been homemade…
We are talking films made, from Charlie Chaplin to Gulliver’s Travels to even Aladdin!

Obviously, Disney content is not available, but there’s other creatives out there too in the public domain of this storyline – They did not produce them first!

Where do you think the likes of Disney get some of their ideas and creative content produced from?!

That is RIGHT!

Types Of Content That You Can Access

The public Domain and Creative Commons content!

Even music from the impressive Beethoven to Mozart and others! The list is endless…

You just need to know WHERE to find it! 

And how to use it. And luckily for you… We are helping you get that head start on this very page!


People are STARVED of Content

Starved of content literally, Now is the time to take advantage as more people stay at home than EVER before and more people consume content more than EVER before! Access multiple places to download legally and free millions of pieces of content to monetize. Turn something simple into a money-making business today!


Don't miss out on this Opportunity, Stay ahead of the rest.