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Pixabay is a completely free resource with some of the best royalty-free music, images, and even video.

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Youtube audio Library

Many creators aren't aware that Youtube has an extensive selection of royalty-free music available for free use in the Audio Library within YouTube Studio. You can search the music library by mood, track name, artist, or genre.

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This resource is one of the older, more well-known royalty-free music sites.

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909 Music on Soundcloud

909 Music offers a small but quality library of royalty-free music from a few different artists.

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This nonprofit organization offers a wide variety of royalty-free music, with a focus on mostly instrumental music.

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CCMixter is a global music community of over 45,000 musicians around the world. The site encourages users to download, cut up, sample, and share the music.

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Freebeats lets content creators use their tracks for free as long as you follow them on social media and give them credit.

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Audionautix has a background music library that is free to use if you give appropriate credit.

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Purple Planet

Purple Planet Music is written and performed by creators Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey.

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Free music archive

Free Music Archive has an "open source" approach to music, just like CC Mixter.

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Buzzsprout was designed to make podcasting simple, but not limited.

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Captivate is an amazing podcast hosting platform – and it’s by the same team that has been running Podcast Websites for years (mentioned further down the page) so their experience in the podcast industry definitely shows!

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Transistor is one of the newer podcast hosting and analytics platforms and have a great team behind them.

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